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  1. Hardi 24hour Trial

    July 10 - July 11

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Provisional Event Results

Lew Job 2 Day Trial

 These results are provisional for 7 days for competitors to review, the results will be published as final on the Round Results page after 7 days of this publication.

For queries on these results please follow the Results Query Process below to ensure your request is documented and carried out by the appropriate individual.

  1. Contact Post Event Scoring with your query in writing.
  2. If you are not satisfied with the outcome please contact the Clerk of Course to discuss further.
  3. If you are still not satisfied then you are within your rights to request clarification by the Race Steward.

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>[Provisional Results]<

Published: Tues June 15th 2021

Final: Midnight Tues June 22nd 2021

NOTE: All result queries must be submitted with-in the 7 day period of these Provisional Results.

  Results Query Contacts
1. Post Event Scoring:
    Jim Haseldine
2. Clerk of Course:
  Neil Russack
3. Steward: 
John Songailo