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  1. Gil Harris Trial

    August 13

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Environment Plan

Environment Plan

Governing Bodies

Motorcycling SA
Motorcycling Australia


For fairness and safety to all competitors.
The penalties listed below can be issued at any time to competitors if a rule is found to have been breached.
For a complete list of rules, refer to the Supplementary Rule Book
Reporting late at sign on. 60 Points per minute or part there of
Failure to produce Log Book. 300 Points
Failure to supply Number Mounting Plate. 300 Points
Registration Plate missing. 30 Points
Lights fitted other than those stated. Exclusion
Mounted on a Machine without a helmet. 300 Points
Failing to appear on due start time. (Main Control Only) 60 Points per minute or part there of
Starting Motor at Main Control without permission. 600 Points
Failure to move machine from start line in one minute. 60 Points per minute or part there of
Reported for offence on Public Road. Exclusion
Failing to comply with the Road Traffic Act during event. Exclusion
Receiving outside assistance. Exclusion
Receiving assistance from another competitor. Exclusion
Receiving assistance with cleaning Air Filters. Exclusion
Taking on Spares and Equipment. Exclusion
Taking on Discarded Equipment. Exclusion
Taking on Fuel or Oil outside of official Fuel Stops. Exclusion
Taking on Gas(air) Cylinders or Fuel/Oil Containers. Exclusion
Light/s attached to helmet whilst riding. Without good reason 600 Points
Failing to dip headlight/s. Minimum 600 points – Maximum Exclusion
Leaving early from Mandatory Ride Break. 60 Points per minute or part there of left early
Inappropriate Rider behaviour at a Control. 300 Points
Failing to Stop at Control. 600 Points
Failing to Stop at Route Check. 600 Points
Failing to Stop at a Stop Sign. 600 Points
Failing to ride or bypassing a competitive section Exclusion
Failing to Stop Turn off Engine & Dismount. 600 Points
Leaving a Control Early into a Competitive Stage. 120 Points per minute or part there of left early
Failure to follow the course. Minimum 600 points – Maximum Exclusion
Failure to remain on sealed portion of road. 600 Points
Failing to repair defective machine under instruction. Exclusion
Non Compliant replacement parts stored at Fuel stops. 600 Points