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  1. Gil Harris Trial

    August 13

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Environment Plan

Environment Plan

Governing Bodies

Motorcycling SA
Motorcycling Australia

Consent to Ride

  • Any Parent/Guardian giving their consent for a rider/passenger under 18 years of age to compete, must be present to sign the rider/passenger in on the day.
  • If a Parent/Guardian cannot be present on the day to sign in a rider/passenger, a ‘temporary guardian’ can be appointed by a Parent/Guardian.
  • Consent from the Parent/Guardian for a rider/passenger under 18yrs of age to compete must be given.
  • Proof of the consent from a Parent/Guardian for a rider/passenger to compete, and the appointed temporary guardian, must be in writing.
  • This can be done by the Parent/Guardian completing and signing the ‘DEED OF APPOINTMENT OF TEMPORARY GUARDIAN‘ form, supplied in the Supplementary Regulations.
  • The completed form gives proof that the appointed ‘temporary guardian’ has permission from the Parent/Guardian, to sign in the under 18yrs rider/passenger in on the day, and proof that permission from the Parent/Guardian has been given for the rider/passenger to compete.
  • The form must be presented to documentation on the day, before any signing in can be done. A competitor can not ride without the the form.